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Advanced Analysis Software — In Development

Save time! Improve customer satisfaction! Get reliable analysis fast!

That’s the promise of Acoustic Masterminds’ capture & visualization software.

With our solutions using AR technology, our software is revolutionary.

Acoustic Masterminds’ acoustic analysis software provides advanced 3D AR acoustic analysis and diagnostic tools for acoustic service providers.

Combined, these flagship augmented reality applications use motion tracking, area learning, and depth perception technologies to rapidly scan a room or venue, construct a 3D model, and upload to the Acoustic Masterminds cloud to analyze and visualize the results.

We have automated the process to calculate the problematic audio frequencies for both simple and complex room or venue shapes to determine the best corrective acoustic treatments for the acoustic issues in our software recommendations. Experience massive improvements in the time and effort spent gathering measurements for acoustic analysis and display advanced results.

Providing an extraordinary visualization of the acoustics in the room or venue within the 3D model gives the service provider superpowers to explain the acoustic issues.

With the ability to drag and drop acoustic treatments into and around the 3D model, the user can easily illustrate the suggested improvements.

To indicate the effectiveness of the chosen treatments, simply compare the before and after visualizations.

Advanced ability to visualize the best location to place treatments for both effectiveness and aesthetics increases communication, understanding, and confidence between service providers and their clients.

Our solutions offer a completely enhanced experience for both the provider and the client by delivering fast, quality solutions they can depend on.