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Acoustic Masterminds® provides cutting-edge, 3D acoustic AR measurement tools. Using advanced scanning abilities, 3D visualizations, proprietary and patented technology, Acoustic Masterminds is making it easy to solve acoustic issues, creating superior listening environments.

Acoustic Masterminds’ mission is to make it convenient to diagnose acoustic issues in every environment, bringing excellent, enjoyable acoustic experiences to the world. Harnessing the power of new and upcoming technology, Acoustic Masterminds is dedicated to revolutionizing acoustic analysis.

Acoustic Masterminds continues to be a leader in the forefront of AR utility applications. As the first to build an outstanding acoustic augmented reality app on Google’s Tango platform, Acoustic Masterminds continues to innovate on new platforms. AcoustiTools is the first audio app using Apple’s ARKit for live sound diagnostics and analysis.

Caleb Madsen’s original idea was sparked in college as a “Moonshot.” Imaging an easy way to solve acoustic room mode problems with a mobile device, Acoustic Masterminds’ Acoustic Analysis Service was born. The prototype app made it to the top three in the Utility category of Google’s Build An App Contest in 2015 and won the Software Engineering: Best Program or App category in the 2016 Cogswell Excellence Awards.